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An equally honest non-trolling question for you:

What is the point of designing a "stunning/gorgeous/breathtaking" phone made of glass on both sides, if you can't use the phone on a daily basis without putting it in a case that covers up said glass?

I've had my N4 for just over 3 weeks now and the all glass design is really becoming a deal breaker for me. It is just exhausting to be constantly worried that the slightest misstep will shatter your phone into a million pieces. Someone here or on another forum put it best, "It's like walking around with a raw egg in your pocket". I was lucky enough to grab a bumper the day they were briefly back in stock, but it honestly doesn't provide much peace of mind. It is still one slippery SOB. Other than the design, I like pretty much everything else about the phone, but haven't really found anything I love about it. My last chance for keeping this phone is the Poetic Atmosphere case that is due to be released tomorrow on Amazon. If that turns out to be a suitable solution I will probably stick it out. Otherwise it is off to eBay for my N4.
I have an atmosphere case. It looks horrible.

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