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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    Install cyanogenmod rom, it will have an option to disable safe sound in the sound settings.
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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    This is absolutely NOT a legal issue. If it was, Sony would have been sued out of existence for the Walkman. Quit pushing BS - Either paste the link to any US legal decision mandating Sony pay.. or stop lying.

    This is still happening - even with low impedance headphones, and with podcasts of people talking at low volume such as John Hodgman's, or How Things Work.

    Furthermore the problem is that even with the apps setting volume to max when you plug in the headphones.. the "volume check" function kicks out the headphones and turns the volume down.

    Google implemented this by only checking the volume switch position.. not the output signal volume.

    Google needs to put back in the option to disable the volume check... they clearly did not consider the possibility that people would listen to things that aren't music.
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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    I had the same problem on my S5; open up the App either in Application Manager or Default Applications and uncheck Show Notifications. That's it.
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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    Please read all the posts before replying. This is happening to some not all phones in the U.S. as well. I have a U.S. 2013 Moto X here and I was getting the message as well. There is a fix inside X-posed module Volumesteps+ if you are on a rooted AOSP ROM but I do not know of any other fix this. Hope this helps. Posters I am not trying to ***** or troll but if you don't have anything to add to help it is best to research before you do. Again not trying to troll or hurt anyone's feelings so sorry if its taken that way.

    The main goal of this Xposed module is to change the number of volume steps on your device. When listening to music, 15 steps just wasn't precise enough for me. VolumeSteps+ aims to be an open source, user-friendly and configurable module to adjust the number of volume steps. It is able to adjust the number of volumesteps for multiple streams and more.


    Change the number of volume steps for the alarm, music, notification, ringer, system and in-call streams.
    Ability to change it to somewhere between 5 and 50 steps.
    Automatically changes the safe headset volume warning to comply with the new number of music steps.
    Completely disable the safe headset volume warning.
    Use the music volume as default for the Volume Panel when pressing the volume buttons.
    More to come, request it!
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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    Late to the party, but this is has become an annoyance for me ever since Lollipop on my Note 3. I pair my phone to my motorcycle helmet via the Sena SMH10 to listen to music (usually Pandora). I wear earplugs to cut wind noise and to be able to actually hear the music. I need the volume up nearly all the way to be able to hear it, and the f'ing notification gets in the way. You know how hard it is to hit "OK" every time that happens when you're on a motorcycle and wearing gloves? Plus if I lower the volume at lower speeds and then turn it back up, I have to go through it AGAIN. It's beyond irritating.

    I'm to the point of rooting the thing if I have to in order to stop this.

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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    I'm guessing it is lawyers just earning their pay because someone cranked the volume all the way up and claims hearing loss.

    I'm waiting for the first traffic accidents because of this to start rolling in -- if you are driving and have to pull out your phone and hope to hit the "OK" while not running over the schoolbus ahead of you, and avoiding the jaywalking transgender couple carrying a Confederate flag while inhaling their favorite legal hallucinogen, you may have a case against Android.
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    Default Re: How do I disable the unsafe volume warning?

    I saw on another forum the Hearing Saver app was recommended to override the "nanny" settings. I just haven't played with it yet to see how to make the Bluetooth volume connect at full but not the actual headphones.
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