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I said with a 2 year contract, not unlocked. Still not worth the unlocked priced for how cheap the product feels, in my opinion. The 8 or 16GB is enough for some people; if you want to hold entire music collections, 2,000+ photos or tons of games on your device then its not for you. I had the GS3 and barely used the storage because of cloud, I don't use my phone for games and I don't keep thousands of songs on my phone. It works for some, not all.
Well I use my smartphone like a smartphone I use it all around for biz and pleasure I use fb and Skout do resumes and job apps online am a music head so tons of MP3s including Google music games new and old school Netflix the list goes on and on and 8 simply can't cut it I already am using 7gb out my 32 on my Brand new nexus

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