11-19-2013 12:07 PM
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  1. binhton's Avatar
    Received my Nexus 4 today. Took the sim out of my Galaxy Nexus and popped it into the Nexus 4, received signal in about 30 seconds. Deleted the T-Mobile APN that gets put on the phone, added the Solavei APN settings for the Galaxy Nexus and I am now receiveing internet and MMS....no problems here.
    I think your account is already activated properly with your Galaxy Nexus, then it works fine with Nexus 4. My problem is that it's never been activated properly by Solavei in the first place and they could not resolve it for couple of weeks. That's very strange to me.
    12-07-2012 05:55 PM
  2. Laura Wells's Avatar
    My husband has the Nexus 4 on Solavei and he loves it. MMS and everything working just great. In the beginning, when it first came out, the system hadn't been updated for it. The IMEI's hadn't been programmed in the system yet either. We just used the IMEI from my phone which used the same size SIM that the Nexus 4 required. My husband had to configure the phone's settings by trial and error because the system hadn't been updated. He created a document/jpg to share with others with the exact config, if anyone here needs it you can PM me (there is no reference to our Solavei site, so anyone is welcome to use the document for help in setting up their Nexus 4 MMS for Solavei).

    Anyway, I know this post is a couple mos old, but I just wanted to let yall know that the phone does work (and always has worked) just perfectly on Solavei. I currently use the Samsung Note II on Solavei. There is no more cost to "join" Solavei anymore, and the SIM card/activation is only $9 now. We have been on the Solavei service since July, and have been very happy with the service, the price, and value. We do work the business side of Solavei as well, and that's served us very well. Husband is a tech-geek, and I like talking to & helping people.

    PS: If you like using data on your phone, the $45 plan at Walmart is not a very good value.

    I enjoy these forums, and have learned lots of great info from you all. Thanks for that!
    Have a great weekend!
    -Laura Wells
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    02-15-2013 10:15 PM
  3. neanderth4l's Avatar
    I initially had a no problems using a brand new Nexus 4 on Solavie but after a few days the phone just stopped reading my SIM card.
    Solavei was very good with sending me a replacement. We had a few problems trying to set it up, resetting the phone, putting it in airplane mode, resetting the SIM card, turning the phone on and off etc etc etc.

    Eventually we just gave up and the only thought I had was to get a replacement phone from Google. A friend called me while the phone was off and I chatted with her for a few minutes. When our call ended, I tried the N4 again and this time it read the SIM card.

    All in all it took about 5 minutes with the phone off before it recognised the SIM. I don't know which particular step made the phone recognise the SIM, but we did do all of them. Hard manual reset. Airplane mode. Turn off and on. Reset the sim card (customer service.) And of course, a lot of taking out the SIM card and putting it back in.

    I'm not suggesting that the OP didn't try any of these, but in case anyone else does have a similar problem, try a hard manual reset (look for it under settings) turn the phone off for about 5 minutes, and then try it.
    02-16-2013 12:40 AM
  4. DirkBelig's Avatar
    PS: If you like using data on your phone, the $45 plan at Walmart is not a very good value.
    Why not, since it's sold as "unlimited data"? Yes, there are reports of people being cut off, but I haven't seen any here and I haven't had a problem. Then again, so far I haven't used more than 1.6 GB in a month yet because I save the heavy downloading for when I'm on wifi. This post in general reads like a commercial for Solavei.
    I'm not suggesting that the OP didn't try any of these, but in case anyone else does have a similar problem, try a hard manual reset (look for it under settings) turn the phone off for about 5 minutes, and then try it.
    Hi, OP here and what you're talking about is unrelated to issues I had when I started this thread 2-1/2 months ago. Back then, the N4 wasn't considered eligible and the only way to get service would be to use another phone's IMEI #. I just checked my IMEI and now it's accepted, though it says it's not "officially supported." It is on the list of approved phones, so this issue appears closed by bow.
    02-16-2013 03:04 PM
  5. sibaroochi45's Avatar
    No reason given, just that it's not eligible. I tried the phone # on the site, but it's just an answering machine for the Freedom49 group. I'll shoot them a note and ask.
    I am having the same issue with my LG Nexus 5 showing incompatible with Solavei. I got in contact with one of their independent reps through their facebook page. He told me that although the company hasn't updated their log of IMEI #s to reflect the new Nexus 5 phones the nexus 5 will work on their tmobile network just like any other GSM phone, especially since the last generation nexus is compatible. The IMEI check on their website is only so that they can ship you the correct size sim card (It is a micro-sim in the case of the Nexus 5). Here are the steps I took:

    1. To begin signup of your Nexus 5 use this link.
    2. Enter your zip to confirm coverage
    3. [Important] Use the following IMEI # to get past the first step: 355136054175792 . This IMEI ensures you get the micro-sim card instead of a full-size sim.
    4. Solavei asks if you want to port a phone # or have them choose a phone # for you.
    5. Solavei asks for the usual personal information
    6. Solavei mentions that it will be shipping you a "sim" but does not go into detail whether it is a micro-sim or not. Don't worry. The IMEI # you used earlier ensures it is a micro-sim.
    7. Finish the process and a micro-sim card will be shipped out to you within 2 business days

    Hope that helps.

    FYI: Solavei support #: 866-765-2834
    11-19-2013 12:07 PM
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