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    Default N4 GPS issue

    Is anybody having trouble trying to use Waze on the N4?

    Yesterday i had to use Waze to go somewhere and i had a hard time trying to get there. every now and then Waze would give me a message saying " lost GPS connection" or something like that and i had to restart the app so i could get the map up and running again. This is something that never happened on my S2 and im not sure if thisi s a problem with the device or the network itself. Maybe i dont have my network configured properly? or maybe the app its having a hard time communicating with the GPS because of google now using the location thing also?
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    Default Re: N4 GPS issue

    How does Google Maps and Navigation work on your phone? Test other GPS-using apps like My Tracks. If those work, there's a problem with Waze. Use an app like GPS Test to see if you're getting a signal lock.
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