12-03-2013 05:02 AM
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    Yeah I agree. Not sure why he was trying to argue about it so much. It was way off topic.

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    I'm really sorry for resurrecting this thread, but I've been reading the cr@p that this Onemoa guy posted about his Note 2 display.

    Dude, I had the Note 1, the Note 2, have an S4, a Note 3 (and to cut the Samsung haters off, I also had a Nexus 4, have a Nexus 5, have a Z1 etc.)

    Note 1 had a beautiful display for the time. Note 2 had a better display, but the slightly increased size and slightly decreased resolution (1280x720 compared to x800 for the N1) completely canceled the effects of the RGB layout, and made the display look less sharp. I know what I'm talking about, I had both devices for months and compared them side by side. I was -- *shock* -- disappointed by the N2's display when it arrived and I compared it with my N1's.

    Let me set you clear on some stuff: sub-pixels per inch.

    Note 2 has 265 PPI, and 265 green, red, blue SPPI, equal amount due to its RGB layout. Screen size is 5.5".
    S4 has 441 PPI, and 441 green SPPI, only 312 red and blue SPPI. An that's in a 5" screen.

    If we only compare the PPI, there is absolutely no contest between the two. Even with its PenTile layout, it just destroys the Note 2's display. Even the lowest counting subpixels are in greater amount that the Note 2's, and that's in a smaller screen. Not to mention the fact that it has better color reproduction, it's much brighter, it has better grays and without streaking, a closer to ideal white point etc.
    Have you actually looked at an S4's screen? It looks good. Very few screens look better overall than the S4's and sure as heck the Note 2's isn't one of them.

    II can also say that there is even a difference (very slight though) between the S4 and the Note 3 (PPI wise). At *very* close viewing distance, you *may* discern a very sliiiiight pixelation effect. However, the Note 3's display is superior to the S4's due to brightness, color reproduction and other important things.

    Note 2 has a good display, and that's it. Having an RGB matrix does not automatically make it the best evaaaah screen that Samsung produced regardless of other parameters. How about you sell it and get a Note 3. By your account, the screen would be a downgrade, right? Post afterwards a let us see you opinion.
    12-03-2013 05:02 AM
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