12-28-2012 12:50 AM
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  1. anon(55900)'s Avatar
    Yeah tried that but I don't think it's designed for extended use. It started to peel off within a few days, but it did reduce the slippery-ness of the phone while it was still on.

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    Clarivue, which can easily be found on new, has a double set of screen and back protectors, I have a set, the company is in Canada and I live in the US, just use your charge card. Anyway, there is a protector for the front as well as the back. Which is really nice for the bumper add on.
    12-25-2012 06:20 AM
  2. AppsLasVegas's Avatar
    That's why I wouldn't use mine until my case came in. I ordered on the 27th and had the 3-4 weeks ship time and got the quick shipment like many others did (regardless of the estimated ship time). My case hadn't gotten here yet so I just used my old phone until a day later when my case came in. For the record, I use the i_Blason Slim fit S TPU case and it is great. Grippy and fits perfect around the back and sides.
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    I use this EXACT case. It fits perfect, covers everything great, and has enough space for large headphone jacks!
    12-26-2012 07:27 PM
  3. pugnuttt's Avatar
    I decided to go ahead and order one too, it will sufice until the BGs are back in stock.
    12-28-2012 12:50 AM
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