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    Default How do I use a Nexus 4 on an existing AT&T connection?

    I currently have an Inspire 4G with a normal SIM, with about 6 months left on my contract.

    If I buy a Nexus 4, I will need a micro-SIM. Can I just go to an AT&T Store and ask for a micro-SIM for my current number/plan and get one for free? Or will they charge for it? Also, does it matter whether I go to a company store or an authorized re-seller? Will they ask questions about why I need a micro-SIM? If so, what do I tell them?

    Once I get a micro-SIM, do I just pop it into my Nexus 4 and forget about it, enjoying HSPA+ speeds? (I'm guessing I may have to add the "AT&T HSPA+" APN mentioned in a thread here and on XDA).

    So yeah. What do I need to do?
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    Default Re: How do I use a Nexus 4 on an existing AT&T connection?

    Just go to any AT&T store and ask for micro-sim........ they will not ask any question and will activate the sim right away........... personal expereince
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    Default Re: How do I use a Nexus 4 on an existing AT&T connection?

    Yep. It's all above board. (Though you shoulda seen them when I took in the HTC One X while it was still under embargo. Blew their minds a little. )
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    Default Re: How do I use a Nexus 4 on an existing AT&T connection?

    I switched from SIM to Micro SIM on T-Mobile. I ordered the micro Sim online (several local stores weren't free) and it was a 5 min. Call to activate on my existing account.

    And yes I understand that you're on AT&T...so....in case someone else needs T-Mobile help:-)

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