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    Default Re: getting My Nexus today, should I keep it or return.

    Quote Originally Posted by boristhespie View Post
    It arrived. I've played with this and am now contemplating unlocking and rooting. Seems I will be keeping it the now.
    The Nexus phones were made to be unlocked...stop waiting and do it...unlock the phone, that is.
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    Default Re: getting My Nexus today, should I keep it or return.

    Quote Originally Posted by DeadpoolJunior View Post
    Every phone becomes outdated not too long after its released. If everyone paused and said "Wait, this phone is great and all, but there could be something better in a few months" approach, you would never get a new phone because you'd be constantly second guessing whether or not there was something similar or better right around the corner. Know what I mean? The HTC DNA came out and then rumours of the HTC M whatever its called started swirling. Or this year, the One X came out then the One X+ came out shortly after. Does that mean the One X is outdated. Yes I suppose, because the X+ has better specs. But is it a bad phone and are the owners wrong for not waiting to see if there was something better coming? No. They made a great choice at the time and its still a great phone. Every phone is usurped by a better phone at least 3months apart in my opinion. I would just pick the best phone available and be happy with it. You have the Nexus 4, I think i'd be fine with that. I wouldn't even expect a S4 release until at least May. And everything else are just rumors, no concrete proof or release dates yet.
    Exactly. You'll never buy a new phone if you keep waiting for the "next big thing" because chances are, every next thing is going to be big enough reason to wait for.

    For me, I want the "pure Google experience" that comes with N4. That's why I bought it.

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