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    Default Dust behind front facing camera

    Anyone else receive their Nexus with a load of dust / dirt behind the screen where the front camera sits?

    I've tried using an air duster but had no luck getting rid of it.

    Reckon I could get a replacement N4 due to this issue?
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    Default Re: Dust behind front facing camera

    I actually just returned mine for this. Plus the proximity sensor doesn't work very well.
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    Default Re: Dust behind front facing camera

    Well if your camera isn't affected by it, don't worry about it. It probably get there because you put it in your pocket
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    Default Re: Dust behind front facing camera

    I returned it in the end. Got the replacement today. It didn't seem to affect the camera but I thought if I'm gonna live with this phone for 12 months or so I want it to be right. I know it's a cheap phone but I expect it to ship without a load of crud behind the screen. The battery was also shocking so hoping for better this time round.

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    Default Re: Dust behind front facing camera

    I actually wish there was a way to block that camera. I used a small, black-colored thin plastic on my old Sensation 4G, but that was facilitated by the back casing overlapping the top front of the phone, holding the plastic tightly and unnoticeably.
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    Default Re: Dust behind front facing camera

    Yes, I just sent it in for repair/cleaning. Hopefully it's just an isolated manufacturing fault (poor isolation or something) rather than design error.

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