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    Default Accidentally Deleted my Voicemail Number......

    Hello all,

    I just got a Nexus 4 and activated it with a Straighttalk (at&t) SIMS card. I have been using Straighttalk for a while now and simply moved my cell # to this phone. I love the Nexus 4 so far although while I did something pretty silly.... I was messing around with the voicemail settings I accidentally deleted the Voicemail Number that was on the phone.

    Now whenever I try to call my phone a voice message comes up which says "Sorry the person you have called does not have voice box set up ect...." Mind you that I did have a voicemail box set-up before I deleted this voicemail number on the phone. I have tried to replace the "Voicemail #" with my own cell phone number but that does not help. Also I have tried just holding down the number 1 but that same message comes up. When I call *86 it says "message cannot be completed as dialed".....


    Any information or suggestions would be HUGELY appreciated... I spent three very frustrating hours talking to some guy from straight talk about this issue without any progress.

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    Default Re: Accidentally Deleted my Voicemail Number......

    Use Google Voice for voicemail, problem solved
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    Default Re: Accidentally Deleted my Voicemail Number......

    I would call Straight Talk back and tell them to reset your voicemail. I had a problem where I initially had ST voicemail, then switched to Google Voice, and then I had a test message in my ST voicemail and I couldn't get the message icon off of my phone and I couldn't get to the ST voicemail to clear it out. The first time I called, the guy said he reset my vm, but the icon never cleared. I called again the next day and spoke with someone else and they successfully reset my voicemail and the icon cleared. I would just call them back again, tell them to reset your voicemail and then afterward reboot your phone and try again. Or just get a Google Voice number and use that as your voicemail. At least you get visual voicemail and transcription with Google Voice.
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    Default Re: Accidentally Deleted my Voicemail Number......

    Thanks for the messages! Well I contacted Straight Again through chat and this time was able to get someone who actually had a clue what I was talking about and simple gave me a another voicemail # so I could reset my voicemail box. I will probably get Google voice in the future, right now I am just trying to make my way around the learning curve of this phone - it is my first smartphone ever lol Thanks again!

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