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    Default Updates on Three UK Nexus 4e

    Quicky: do carrier sold Nexus devices get updates just like Google Play Store sold devices will?

    Specifically I'm on Three UK.

    Ta :-)

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    Default Re: Updates on Three UK Nexus 4e

    Not sure about Three UK or that region, but in Canada they're different versions than the US ones (at least for the Nexus S & Galaxy Nexus) which put updates in the hands of Samsung instead of Google.

    Hopefully the Nexus 4 won't be that way, though sorry I can't confirm one way or another.

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    Default Re: Updates on Three UK Nexus 4e

    Thanks hopefully someone will know what's up

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    Default Re: Updates on Three UK Nexus 4e

    Yes you will get the update . 3s nexus 4s are unlocked and unmolested so you should get the update pretty soon. I have a question for you . I have a nexus 4 which I bought from the playstore. I am wth 3 UK as well . I am getting pretty fast HSDPA+ speeds(15-20m) but the phone supports the faster DC-HSDPA standard but i never see this (using Network signal info) i am wondering if you could share your APN settings ?
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    Default Re: Updates on Three UK Nexus 4e

    there is only one version of Nexus 4. and its sold via playstore/T-Mobile/3 UK/ other source.

    so to answer your question, you will get update just like playstore Nexus 4's

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