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    Default nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    I have had the Nexus 4 ever since it came out but I'm been looking at the new GS4 should I ove to the GS4
    need help
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    Default Re: nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    (i9500/9502 model rundown on far right, from same source)

    Other stuff to consider; your income, buyers' remorse, reliance on Samsung/carrier for OS updates, etcetera...
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    Default Re: nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    I really dont like S3/S4 software just because lot of feature are redundant.

    S-Voice/Google Now
    S-Beam/Android Bean
    S-Translate/Google Translate and many more.

    software is just a mess. adding tons of feature in the name of apps(which i can download from play store)
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    Default Re: nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    To be honest, I am not a fan of how similar it looks to the S3.
    However I will try and play on one in person and see what it is like (sisters husband is ordering 1) but then again the specs change per country which is a downfall.
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    Default Re: nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    I would suggest looking into some of the specifications that are important to you. The Nexus 4 has a stronger battery life so if that is something you find important, stick with the Nexus 4.
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    Default Re: nexus 4 to Samsung GS3

    Been there done that. I loved the speed, look and feel of my stock N4 but the erratic signal/reception i was experiencing made the phone unreliable. I went with a S3. Yeah its slower but its stable and reliable. Love my N7.

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