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    Default Google Voice + Chat Heads?

    I've been with Android 2.3 for awhile but recently upgraded to the N4.
    I use Google Voice and noticed that texts can be integrated into the Facebook Messenger app. Is it possible to use Chat Heads with GV? I can send the messages to FB but if I reply, it'll send from the "real" phone number on the phone.
    Is there any way to integrate GV other than the one app in the Play store that only works sometimes (and apparently doesn't work on 4.2.2).
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    Default Re: Google Voice + Chat Heads?

    The only way I've figured out is to forward Google Voice messages to the regular messaging app. Initially you have to text someone from Google Voice. When they text you back save the number Google Voice assigns them as their contact and only text that number through Facebook messenger. I learned the hard way that when they answer you back through chat heads, that is their number assigned by Google Voice so you can answer directly from there before adding them to your contacts.
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    Default Re: Google Voice + Chat Heads?

    I found a site with a good tutorial, but I can't get the avatars to sync properly. I don't know if I'm the only one with the problem.


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