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    Default Airplane mode widget or button?

    Is there a widget or button to go on the home screen for Airplane mode??
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    I thought the default toggle widget had airplane mode toggle in it?
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    I'm sure you could find one in the Play Store, but Airplane Mode can be toggled any time in quick settings (2-finger swipe from top of screen) or in the power menu (press and hold the power button). Why would you need another widget for this function on your home screen?
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    What jared said. Two finger swipe down from the top, boom. Airplane mode toggle.
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    I use an app called Power Toggles. You can add pretty much all functions on it.

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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    The two-finger swipe down gives me a bunch of toggles, but airplane mode is not one of them. I have Android 4.4.2 on a Samsung Galaxy Lite.
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    I put mine in airplane mode every night because I use it as an alarm clock. I just hold down the power button.
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    Default Re: Airplane mode widget or button?

    Its thoroughly annoying that you have to drill down through the settings menus just to get to Airplane Mode and WiFi Hotspot switches.

    Everytime some lousy Telco has a glitch, I have to manually fumble around to:
    1) activate airplane mode
    2) deactivate airplane mode (to get a new connection to the current best celltower)
    3) re-activate the WiFi hotspot.

    This is not hard, but the more annoying, the more you have to tap around. This should really be an automated option - as soon as a periodic internet connectivity test fails (whenever the WiFi hotspot is enabled)

    Google's ill conceived security measures are drastically reducing the usefulness of Android by killing all needed and important automation.

    We don't live to manually fumble with the controls, we have "Smart" phones to do and automate stuff for us, not the other way around.

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