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    Question Question about Qualcomm BatteryGuru

    Hey Guys,

    I'm using Qualcomm BatteryGuru on my Nexus 4 since yesterday, but there's 1 option I'm kinda unsure about...

    I have switched the 'manage when apps refresh' option to ON.
    However, on the main screen I see no apps mentioned, so what exactly would the effect of turning this option on/off be in my particular case?
    IOW, what's the difference between turning 'manage when apps refresh' on/off?
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    Default Re: Question about Qualcomm BatteryGuru

    It will show more apps are you begin to open more apps which "refresh" their information.
    Turning it on, allows apps to only get access to data as certain times e.g every hour, the short the breaks the more battery which is consumed. Hence if you allow apps to refresh constantly you will have apps updating e.g every minute and them all updating at different time which will make your phone run constantly.

    In short it makes your phone run less thus uses less battery. I think you're still on observation mode. In a few days it will pick up your habits and change your wifi etc accordingly based on time of day, location etc.
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