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    Default Messaging App Photo Issues + Nexus 4.

    Hi Guys,

    I'm after a hand with an issue I've been having that's starting to bug me. It's probably a simple fix so I'm hoping someone could help me out as I'm not having much luck troubleshooting it myself.

    Phone: Nexus 4
    Android Version: 4.2.2

    So here is the problem. I use messaging service apps a fair bit, whatsapp and Voxer in particular. I've found when I try upload a photo to a conversation within the app people are complaining it won't display as a high quality image. It seems to be uploading some sort of thumbnail version of the photo. From what I've seen this seems to be normal behavior for the app, however after selecting the image it should open the higher res version, on my photos this doesn't seem to happen. If the image is a screenshot of text, it will be unreadable; if itís a photo it will be very very blurry, however the photos looks crystal clear on my end. Sometimes the issue won't occur, I think this is when I take the photo directly instead of choosing one from my Gallery. So it seems to be the interaction between the gallery on my nexus (either picking up a thumbnail or smaller version of the photo instead of the real image) and the apps.

    If anyone has had this issue themselves or knows a way around it I'd be very happy to hear from you!!

    Thanks guys!
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    Default Re: Messaging App Photo Issues + Nexus 4.

    This is a limitation of the messaging app. For example, in Whatsapp, Iíve found that shared photos are always downsized to a maximum height of 800 pixels.

    Usually, the photos shared via instant messaging are not required to be crystal clear as theyíre often just useless stuff. So the downsizing doesnít really bother me. But if I want to share something thatís actually worthy of being seen in full resolution, Iíd use other ways to share it.

    For example:
    - Upload the photo to the cloud (Flickr, FB, Dropbox, etc) and share the link.
    - Email the photo
    - Share it via Google+
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    Default Re: Messaging App Photo Issues + Nexus 4.

    Hi ohyeahar!

    It's displaying at much less than 800 pixels though .

    For instance if I was to take a screen shot of a text message on my phone (standard nexus 4 message interface) then send it through Voxer, the resolution is so bad the people on the other end cannot read the text.

    It's as if the small thumbnail the app gives as a preview window on the interface is what is opening when you click on the picture to view it.

    A group of 5 colleagues and I exchange images frequently this way and they have confirmed it seems to only be an issue with my images. While I do appreciate there are probably better ways our group can go about exchanging the images, we have been doing it this way for a long time so I thought Iíd try find a solution before I request we change our ways to get around my problem.

    I'm not very good on phones but I thought this may have been caused by a setting on my device that is reducing the quality the upload photos or something, I run very few apps on my device and can't seem to find anything that would be restricting my photos in the phone settings but I could be overlooking something.

    Also I've only recently changed to the Nexus from a Galaxy S2 where this didn't happen, and as far as I'm aware it didn't happen when I first got the phone as the complains have only started the last week or two. I have not installed any new apps in months .

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