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    Default Where is the UPS guy! Awaiting my Nexus 4!!!

    Already have the black flex case sitting on the table, just need a phone to put in it. Ordered from the play store on the 3rd and as of this morning, it is "out for delivery" via UPS. Now I wait....

    Can't wait!

    Great forum and lots of info, thanks to everyone for sharing their experience with the Nexus 4.

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    Default Re: Where is the UPS guy! Awaiting my Nexus 4!!!

    Well then welcome to Android Central! If you have any questions or need any help this is THE place!
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    Default Re: Where is the UPS guy! Awaiting my Nexus 4!!!

    Well I've just completed my second day using the Nexus 4. I've had so many phones that my wife thinks I am insane. The Nexus 4 leaves me extremely impressed! I look at my wife using her iPhone 5 and can't believe that she isn't bored out of her skull with it....

    As soon as I turn the phone on and inserted my sim card I got it set up very quickly. I've been received a notification for the 4.3 software update and that install went smoothly. For being a brand new phone, I'm very impressed with the battery life.

    This is my first experience with a clean Android operating system. I've had several Android in the past and this phone is far better than any I have had.

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    Default Re: Where is the UPS guy! Awaiting my Nexus 4!!!

    I bought mine used from swappa a few days ago and love it! Part of me wishes I would have just shelled out the extra money and gotten a new one though. If the nexus 5 is not a whole lot better than this one I will probably be keeping this one around a while. But either way, I would recommend this phone to everyone!

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    Default Re: Where is the UPS guy! Awaiting my Nexus 4!!!

    You take really good care of the glass back. I tried my best and it still got scratched. Now it's an eyesore.

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