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    I got my N4 yesterday and am a some trouble getting it the way I like it. I am not and android noob, but my last phone only had Gingerbread on it, so the new bits in JB are making things a bit more difficult than I like. I've done the update to 4.3 already.

    I've noticed a few problems with the time in the notification line - it seems to freeze fairly often. Right now I'm listening to some tunes and it hasn't updated in 19 minutes. This is a little disconcerting. Is that a function of staying on the google music player screen? When I do a 'go back', it updates immediately. But then it freezes again. I deleted the analog clock on the home screen because it seemed to be doing the same thing and replaced it with the digital clock (which seems to be working just fine).

    I'm also having some just dopey problems like where do ringtones downloaded from play go? It's not on the list of available ringtones and it's not in the ringtone folder that shows up when usb'd to a win7 pc. I'm also trying to update Evernote and the update is failing.

    I loaded thumb keyboard 4 and set it to the default. I also got a message saying the the keyboard might be recording my keystrokes and sending it elsewhere. Huh? What's that about?

    On the plus side, I love the phone. I just need to make it more to my liking.

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    I've never heard of the clock-freezing issue. Not sure what would cause that.

    I've never downloaded ringtones from the Play Store. Are you using an app to download the ringtones? Does the app have its own folder where the ringtones might be stored?

    As for the keyboard, I got the same message when I enabled Swiftkey. I'd imagine that it's possible to make a keyboard app with storage and data transmission permission that could record keystrokes and transmit them. As long as you're using a popular and well regarded keyboard app, I don't think you need to worry about it.
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    No app other than play. Do you know where play stashes things?

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    I remember when i first set up my phone, then did the 4.3 OTA update, after that all my apps updated via google play so that they were compatible with 4.3. It could be that your apps just need to be updated. It took some time as well.
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    It sounds like you may have installed something that is causing some bugs. What have you installed so far.

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