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    Default Mobile data connection problems

    Hi folks. I've somehow managed to disable my mobile data connection after messing around in my settings yesterday trying to save some battery life. Everything was fine up until then.

    I have 'data enabled' ticked (settings > more > mobile networks > data enabled) and "mobile data" is switched on (settings > data usage > mobile data) but I cannot get mobile data to work. When I attempt to load a webpage (for example) I see some arrows (upstream/downstream?) on my mobile network strength indicator (which varies between 3G and H) but the strength icon stays grey rather than going blue and I get nothing.

    It seems I can get some kind of data through as I can use Google Now and Google+ but only in a very limited capacity. But when I try to use Chrome (for example) I am out of luck; it tells me I am offline or that it can't connect to the page. I can't work out where else in Settings I can go to rectify this. It's not a carrier issue as I have done a side-by-side comparison with another person who uses the same carrier and they have no problems. I am not over my billing allowance for the month either.

    I am guessing it's something to do with an app I disabled in my quest for greater battery life. But I've been through the Apps list (settings > apps > all) repeatedly and can't see what I can do (or un-do). Arrgh.

    Does anyone have an idea for what I could do to try to fix this problem? Thanks in advance.

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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Welcome to Android Central! Did you disable and Com.x.x apps (not even sure if you can)? If so you may want to try reenabling those. If nothing else works you can always do a factory reset.
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    It sounds as though maybe your APN got messed up. Go to Settings -> More... -> Mobile Networks -> Access Point Names and tell us what is there.

    What network are you on?
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hi again

    Thanks for the responses. I really appreciate your willingness to help.

    I checked all the Com.x.x apps and they seemed fine. Then I went to the APN settings as suggested and reset them to the default. That seems to have done the trick! I am back on board, once again connected to the hub (for better or worse ).

    Cheers for the assistance. I will do my best to pay it forward.
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    APN default settings are not necessarily the correct settings. For example, you may be able to browse the web, but not able to send or receive MMS messages.

    What cellular network are you on? What are the default settings you are now using?
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hmm, OK, hadn't considered that. Clearly I have some learning to do!

    I'm in Australia, with the Virgin network. I've checked my settings against what is recommended here: APNs | Ausdroid and it seems to correspond correctly.

    I haven't noticed any issues with MMS sending or receiving since I reset to the default.
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    im in smart network.. and i cant connect to my mobile data .. if i go to chrome it always appear offline pls help
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Are you in a coverage area? Also, toggle mobile data and see if it re-establishes. Otherwise, check your mobile data settings.

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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hie..even i was facing the same data connection problem on my nexus 5.... Resetting the APN helped even me.... I'm using a Vodafone network... Thanks a lot...
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hi Friends! I guess I messed with my nexus 5 recently! My mobile data has gone mad! Wifi connectivity has no problem! I could use chrome freely using mobile data! But, Apps and games which need mobile data shows some sort of error. Whatsapp doesnt show notifications and games dont turn on. But both shows there is network. I turn on the mobile data.. But It doesnt change the colour to white from brown. Please help me with this issue. Have I restricted background data? I checked this.. I went to setting and the tick mark beside restrict background data was missing! What should I do? PLEASE HELP ME!
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    Default Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hi i have problem in data connection i cant use my internet what should i do pls.help me
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    Thumbs down Re: Mobile data connection problems

    Hi, I'm really need help. I have something wrong with my mobile data connection and i no nothing about it ! I already tap on my mobile data but there is none sign about it that show it works. I try to restart my phone but it still same. Oh, im going crazy because I really want to fix it as soon as possible. Anyone could help me. Please.

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