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    Default Strange messages in my Nexus 4 device

    Hi all,
    I'm tangled in a strange issue and IN NEED OF URGENT HELP! Here it is - I'm seeing unidentified large messages ( a combination of alphabets and numerics of around 4 lines) going from my Nexus 4 with out my notification. Even today 4 messages went from my mobile and the number is ' +420720001669 ' which has been claimed as an ISD message by my service provider. All I wonder is these messages go to the mentioned number from my side without my knowledge!
    I'm seeking advise of you people to know more about this.....

    thank you.... :
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    Default Re: Strange messages in my Nexus 4 device

    Avast anti-theft, googling would suggest.

    Uninstall it.
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    Default Re: Strange messages in my Nexus 4 device

    Yep, delete the app. Junk.

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    I think saying Avast is junk is a little unfair, but maybe they could be clearer about how this works and how to turn it off given that it kinda goes against the purpose of the app.

    You should keep it installed and use the feature to block outgoing numbers within the app to block the number, just for the irony!

    EDIT: you turn this off in anti theft>anti theft>avast account>untick "send SMS to portal".

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    Default Re: Strange messages in my Nexus 4 device

    I am not entirely certain, but I think apps used to be able to hide these housekeeping SMS messages. Now, with the release of KitKat (4.4.x), these messages are out there for all to see and freaking out a lot of people.

    Perhaps reinstalling the app would cause the messages to hide themselves once again. Perhaps not.

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