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    Default Kiosk gallery app

    I need a gallery app that disables the ability to delete photos. Anyone know if such an app exists?

    Hereís my usage scenario:

    Iím helping out at a friendís wedding as a photographer for a booth that they set up. Iím shooting with my DSLR with an Eye-Fi memory card. Iím going to link my Eye-Fi card to my tablet, an HP TouchPad running CM10. That means every shot that I take with my camera will be automatically transferred via Wi-Fi direct to the tablet. So after taking a picture, guests can go to the tablet to instantly see their shot.

    What Iím thinking of doing is simply to keep the stock Gallery app opened and then enable ďExtended desktop modeĒ to hide the status and nav bar so itís impossible to exit out of the app (unless they figure out how to disable ďExtended desktopĒ by long pressing the power button).

    The problem with this is that I donít want guests to delete any of the photos. And I donít want people playing with photo edits, etc.

    So I guess I just need a read-only gallery app. Is there anything like that out there?
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    Default Re: Kiosk gallery app

    I have somewhat of a solution for you, although seems awfully techy just for a wedding. I think what you are asking for is a slideshow app.

    You should get , it has nothing, no app drawer, no nothing. The only way to exit is to pinch inward. Then just enable Extended desktop.

    I know CyanogenMod have the ability to customize the Power Menu, you can simply limit what is shown. Chances are people aren't going to mess with it. I would just tape up the Power button with black tapes.

    I just downloaded , it slideshow through folders and/or online services of your choice.

    I set the app to display images from a specific folder and run the slideshow. Then connected it by USB cable to send images to that folder. It does detect the new images, as long as you wait a few seconds for the Android's Media Storage to scan that new image, but I guess it'll be longer with a slower device. The issue here is that if it reached the last photo of the folder it will go back to the first image, which is determined by the date and time of each files. The user can swipe back and forth though. It does however let you choose the duration time between each images, not very finite though, but I guess you can set it at 1 or 5mins so you have time to take more pics.

    I also tried . This works great with Null Launcher, it can detect new images on the device. However, it only allows you to double tap to go to the next pic which isn't as convenient.
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    Default Re: Kiosk gallery app

    Thanks, someguy01234.

    Indeed, a slideshow app may be what I'm looking for. I've just checked out DayFrame. Seems alright, I'll have to play with it a bit more to see if it's suitable. One thing that concerns me about DayFrame is how tedious it is to cycle through photos (i.e., 1 swipe per photo).

    I'll look into and test out a bunch of other slideshow apps. Still holding out hope for some sort of read-only photo viewer...

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