I have a Nexus 4 that was dropped and got a small chip in the glass near the top of the screen and now the touchscreen only works on like the bottom third of the screen. I'd like to get my data off of it and eventually reset it back to factory. Problem is, I can't manage to get to nearly any settings on the thing because of the touchscreen not working. If this stupid thing had USB OTG I'd just connect a mouse to it and I'd be good. I can't even get at the bluetooth settings to connect a bluetooth mouse.

What are my options? At the very least I'd like to factory reset it and maybe get a couple bucks for it on eBay, but I'd really, really like to figure out a way to get a mouse up on this thing. I am so freaking annoyed that a tiny little chip on the corner of this thing managed to make the phone basically unusable.