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    Default Calls all dead. Is this bye bye phone?

    Since the Kitkat update, my volume slider hasn't worked. I've had to adjust the volume by going into settings.
    The slider bar just won't move.

    Worse happened today - I managed a few outgoing calls this morning, but that's now dead, as are incoming. No sound at all on the line.
    I can only use the phone for texts.
    Is this bye bye phone or is there anything I can do? I own the handset outright so no mobile operator to help out. I'm in the UK. Thanks.

    Edit: phone has just updated Kitkat to 4.4.2 and touch wood, it's all working again. Is KK buggy? (yes)
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    Default Re: Calls all dead. Is this bye bye phone?

    Wow. Yeah, I think KK can be buggy on one device and work beautifully on another. I'm glad it straightened itself out with an update.
    Live long and prosper.

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