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    I'm getting these ads by Google on my home screen. Even when I don't have any app opened. There is no item related to the as in the notification bar.

    Are these default android ads or have I installed some app which is doing this.

    Can someone please help me?
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    Welcome to Android Central! It would help if you could post some screenshots, or describe these ads in more detail. Are they appearing in the Notification Bar at the top of the screen? Are they pop up windows? Do they occur when you're browsing the web using Chrome or another browser?

    If they're in the Notifications, swipe down the shade and long-press the ad. Then tap App Info when it appears. That should tell you what app is responsible for the notification.
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    Help: Ads on home screen-android-ad.jpg

    Here is the screenshot.
    They show up at the home screen at random. Sometimes while browsing, sometimes while playing a game, sometimes just on the home screen.
    I still havent figured out a pattern.

    They never show up in the notification bar. So I can't figure out which app is causing this.
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    Yuck, I hate that kind of stuff! Try installing an ad network detector like or . I'm not sure if they'll help in this situation, since I think they're more for ads that appear in the Notification Bar, but still worth a try.
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    I have already tried that. Doesn't work for these ads
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    Did they appear very recently? Try uninstalling your most recently installed apps one by one, and check to see if those ads go away.
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    Default Re: Help: Ads on home screen

    Try going to settings>accounts>Google>ads> then opt out....BTW, that's the 1st time I've heard of home screen ads

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    Default Re: Help: Ads on home screen

    I saw something like this recently on a SGS4 running a AOSP KitKat build, it was some kind of spyware or app that he had given permission to or something... not sure which one, no ad blocker or detector would find anything, the only thing that cleared it out was a factory reset, then even after Google Play restored all the apps, no more ads.
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