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    Arrow Recover deleted photos on Nexus 4! Need your precious help :(

    Hello all. I have deleted lots of photos from my LG Nexus 4. Now i really need those photos badly. Tried many sofware but non of them could able to see my nexus 4 as a disk. So i couldnt able to scan the memory. Please help me this is really important. How can i get my deleted photos back on my Nexus 4. Its stock android 4.4.2
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    There are a number of unerase tools available for Android but, so far as I know, all require root access. Now, you could consider rooting your phone, but I fear that that would destroy the remains of the very files you are trying to unerase. Frankly, I think you are out of luck.

    You might try contacting one of these developers to see if they can address the root requirement. See and the "Similar apps" at the bottom of the screen.
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    please help i delete all my photos on my nexus 4 can somebody help
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    Unfortunately, due to the fact that there is no real drive, SD card, or even a FAT32 partition in the phone, the "internal storage" is an emulated drive, and the only way to connect to the device's storage is via MTP (no hardware or low-level filesystem access), the possibilities of recovering any deleted file from the N4, and many other newer Android phones, is near pretty much 0 on a stock phone, and those apps for rooted devices are hit and miss at best and only good if you use them almost immediately after the deletion and haven't written anything new (new picture, download, etc). Sorry.
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    If you really deleted them and do not have a backup, they are gone. There is an off-chance (very off) that if you put the SDcard into a PC you might be able to use a data retrieval program to get them back. But success at this point is very unlikely. When you use the phone you are overwriting old deleted data thereby making it irretrievable.

    The thumbnail views you see are probably in the SDcard/DCIM/.thumbnails folder. In the DCIM folder is also the 100MEDIA directory. This is where your full camera images are stored. You might want to check there, manually.

    Also, make sure you didn't just accidentally change the gallery settings and possibly didn't delete them at all (i.e. Gallery | Menu | Show/Hide Items.

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