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    Default nmap to my phone it appears to respond when off so It can't be the right IP

    I want to ping or next best thing, scan - at least to remotely see the online existence of(out of curiousity) - my phone.

    I go to What Is My IP | The IP Address Experts Since 1999 from my phone and it gives an IP.

    I can't ping it so I do nmap -P0 phoneip and I get a response.

    I turn the phone off and nmap -P0 phoneip, andI get a response still.

    So is that its IP or not?

    I'm starting to wonder if my Mobile ISP (perhaps anybodys1) uses a NAT Router!

    As the external IP shown by What Is My IP | The IP Address Experts Since 1999 can't be my phone's IP if it still responds even when my phone is off.

    But if that is so, then how would anybody run a server on it (theoretical question!)

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