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    Default Battery drain after 4.4.3 update


    I'm having a really bad battery drain ever since I updated to 4.4.3. When I check what is eating battery life, I find that email is taking 88%, whilst I'm not doing anything new or special.

    Is anyone else having a similar experience? What should I do to fix this?


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    Default Re: Battery drain after 4.4.3 update

    Try eliminating the account, reboot and set it up again. I remember having a similar issue once

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    Default Re: Battery drain after 4.4.3 update

    Thanks for your help.

    I followed the general advice to delete cache, and this appears to be working. Battery depletion levels are back to what they used to be.
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    Default Re: Battery drain after 4.4.3 update

    Been having similar battery drain issues for some time. Looking at Settings -> Battery showed Google+ to be a major culprit.

    I have a rooted nexus 4 running stock 4.4.4
    I used Titanium Backup to 'Freeze' Google+ to prevent it from running.
    I also run DS Battery Saver in a pretty aggressive mode.

    Hey presto, between 7:30 am and 5:30 pm the battery has dropped < 15%

    May work for you...
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    Default Re: Battery drain after 4.4.3 update

    Use Gmail and Google+, even automatic backup of media to G+ photos, all the time on 4.4.4, never had any battery drain issues... In fact, I have the best battery life I have had since 4.2, did you find out exactly what was causing the issue or did you just "eliminate" it?

    Stock rooted 4.4.4 + Hellscore kernel
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    Default Re: Battery drain after 4.4.3 update

    I'm seeing a lot more drain, too. On 4.4.4.

    OP: Could you elaborate on what you did to delete the cache?

    I don't see the means any longer in 4.4.4 to sign in/out of Google Account. Where is it gone?

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