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    Default Confirmed coming soon.

    So, I was at a Target (Canada) today and was talking to the mobile rep about cell phones- and of course the n5 came up. She said that they just received the accessories (third party screen protectors, etc) for the n5 but they are not allowed to be put out until November 8 (? she thought Nov 8 was right).

    Of course take this with a grain of salt, as I am. Just thought it may help someone plan their purchase. I can not wait to get kitkat on my n7 2013. and get my hands on a n5.

    Good luck
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    Default Re: Confrimed coming soon.

    I would love if it came out tomorrow.

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    Default Re: Confrimed coming soon.

    While a November 8th street date jives well with an announcement today or tomorrow, I'd take what any "mobile specialist" at Target, your local big box electronics store, or even carrier stores with a grain of salt. Sometimes they are right, but just as often (or more often honestly) they are wrong.
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    Default Re: Confrimed coming soon.

    hi good i like it

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