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    Default Any big difference between N5 and N7(1st gen)?

    I don't have N5 yet, but I do have the old 1st gen N7 so I'm pretty curious as to how experience will be like once I get my hands on N5. Will there be a huge difference? I know N5 will be faster, but how's the internet surfing for example? I love how you can go back and forth with a simple swipe on safari in iphone, but then I started using google chrome on N7 and the web surfing experience was quite different(iphone experience was way better). I think N5 will be a closer and a better experience to what I had on iphone for websurfing. So anymore else about N5 and N7 differences. You can include other device experience if you want. It would helped satisfying my curiosity.
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    The n5 is a phone and the n7 is a tablet! Try Dolphin Browser it is smoother then chrome.

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