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    Default Nokia DT-900 for the Nexus 5 (UK)

    So the official Nexus QI charger is not available over here and there is no news when/if it might be available. I'm going to wait for it for home use, but at work I really want a reasonably priced one for the desk.

    Is anyone using the Nokia DT-900 as this has been recommended?
    I have heard it gets hot and is very slow?
    Do you have to be very exact with positioning the device?

    Thanks for any help
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    Default Re: Nokia DT-900 for the Nexus 5 (UK)

    I have this charger and I like it a lot

    Its small, black,unobtrusive and the phone is stable when sitting on it

    I have a Spigen Ultra Fit case on and the charger just took my Nexus 5 from 60% to 99% in exactly 84 minutes

    This is my first smartphone so I don't know how well that compares to others

    After this the phone was slightly warm,thats all

    You have to position the centre of the phone within about an inch forward/back of the centre of the charger and a half inch side to side. The phone can be turned 360 degrees and still charge
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    Default Re: Nokia DT-900 for the Nexus 5 (UK)

    Been using one with no issues at all.
    Have not noticed the phone being hot.
    It charges as fast as wired as far as I can tell, it's charged when I wake up anyway.
    Positioning isn't an issue.
    Spigen SlimArmor case on and charging fine.

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