I've had this happen 4 or 5 times since getting my n5. Purchased through Google on launch day, not a Craigslist phone. Today alone it happened 3 times back to back to back. I searched the phone number on Google to a business and hit call now. On the dialer it says "dialing..." and a couple seconds later I get a busy signal. I can't click anything on the dialer street that point. Everything is greyed out. I close the phone /dialer and it still has the busy signal. Even turning the screen off and back on doesn't fix it until I just power the phone off. Today the first time I powered the phone off and tried again. Second and third time it happened I put the phone in airplane mode and that finally disconnected it. And this happened both from clicking "call now" in the Google search and just straight up dialing the number manually. Not sure if this is a Nexus 5 only thing or kit kat. I'm completely stock no mods or hacks. Am I alone on this? Haven't read anything like this yet from anybody else. Thanks

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