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    Default Google Nexus 5 - Wireless Charging Through Case....Not Too Hot?

    This question ties into a problem I encountered last week which resulted in an RMA (read here: What The F...? Display has gone apes*#t.) With the Nexus 5 having wireless charging capabilities, I certainly took advantage of this with my launch day unit. I bought the LG WCP-300 charger from Verizon after reading lots of reviews and everything was fine. As mentioned in the link above, my screen completely ceased to work in the span of about a minute. Can't determine a cause, but that unit was returned today after receiving a replacement a week later.

    I noticed that charging my phone through the wireless charger, it would get quite warm. More so than what I thought to be normal. Reading the accessories threads, a major question many had was "will it charge through the case?" I have a Diztronic TPU case and I set my phone down to charge once with the case to test it out. This made my phone VERY hot, I want to say about 116 degrees according to the battery app that I had. I couldn't help but think it was unusual, especially when charging with a case on seemed so common to many users.

    Now, has anyone else noticed how hot their phone gets when charging through a wireless charger? I don't plan on charging with a case on, but I'm thinking I should maybe just once to determine if it would get as hot again. But I also can't help but wonder if this charger was the cause behind the issue with my first unit? Maybe it was a defective unit to begin with? I won't ever know, but I'd like to get some input from other users who charge via wireless chargers.
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    Default Re: Google Nexus 5 - Wireless Charging Through Case....Not Too Hot?

    I have the OEM wireless charger and the phone does not heat up appreciably, not any more than during normal use.

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    Default Re: Google Nexus 5 - Wireless Charging Through Case....Not Too Hot?

    Wireless charger will produce more heat than wired, since some energy (~30%) is lost as heat surrrounding the surface of the charger. But 116F is normal and nothing to be worried about. 116C, however, would be disastrous.

    Just don't leave it on the charger and subject it to high voltage all day.
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    Default Re: Google Nexus 5 - Wireless Charging Through Case....Not Too Hot?

    I purchased a Zens charger and stopped using it because my N5 got incredibly hot.

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