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    Default Charging port reversed!

    Just got my Nexus 5 and one of the first things I notice is that my charging port is reversed compared to the orientation on the Nexus 4. So now my phone would face backwards on my desktop docking station were I to use it. Why Google why???? Has anyone else noticed this?? How can this possibly be a necessary change?
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    I guess they want to be different?
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    It varies on all of my Nexus devices. You just get used to it. Don't know if Google had anything to do with that spec.
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    If you're referring to the wide side of the USB port being at the front (i.e., display) side of the device instead of being at the back side, I agree. Every other USB connected device I've ever used has had the narrow side of the USB port facing "up."
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    Devices vary based on who knows what. My wife's HTC One has the same orientation as my n5 but my moto x and s4 had the opposite. I never thought about it being a problem but on a dock I guess it would be an issue.

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