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    Default Hangouts MMS Size

    Is there a way to change the sending size for hangouts? I recorded a video and I can't send it through hangouts.
    I can record a 20 sec video from the hangout app itself but that is just really inconvenient.

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    Default Re: Hangouts MMS Size

    Last month I posted the following to another thread:

    And this is another way in which iOS's Messages is better than Android's Hangouts.

    In Messages I can select a short video I've previously taken and send it directly to another Messages user (via data not mms). If the video size is too large to send the app lets me trim it to a sendable length. But I can send/receive a 90 second decent quality video this way (again, I realize it's not via mms).

    Even if I have just a 5 second 480p video (~3.75MB) I maddeningly can't send that via Hangouts (to, say, another android/hangouts user). I can only create a fresh mms-capable video, a video that will be of crappy quality, a video that will be Auto Uploaded but which won't be viewable in the phone's Gallery.
    (attaching videos in hangouts)

    btw, the clips I record via Hangouts can be about 45 seconds in length. Are you sure you only get 20 seconds?

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