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    Default Dictating Voice to Text Issues

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    chokka21 said:
    Today 07:45 PM
    I am having trouble getting the voice to text to recognise 'exclamation mark' as a punctuation point in my N5. It continually writes it as text rather than punctuation. I have the language set to English UK. I note this command does work if I set the language to English US but then it doesn't understand anything else I say! The voice to text in English UK language works for all other punctuation commands. It's driving me nuts. Any ideas anyone? ps. I am still on Kit Kat 4.4. I have not as yet had the 4.4.1/4.4.2 update to install.
    Edit. I now have 4.4.2 installed. No change. Works with English US but not English UK.
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    Default Re: Dictating Voice to Text Issues

    What about "exclamation point"?
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    Default Re: Dictating Voice to Text Issues

    Hi. Yes, I've tried that, and I've tried simply 'exclamation'. It is so frustrating. Everything else works fine and, as I say, the command does work if I select US English rather than UK English. There must be a way to get this to work. It almost feels like the UK English didn't load properly. If there were a way of refreshing the data codes for the English UK, or reloading or something. Another mysterious command for Uk English perhaps? I know it should work. My phone is unrooted by the way.

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