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    Default Best Case for Nexus 5?

    Hi. I have been using the bumper from the play store. Problem is it's hard to press the power button with the stock bumper. Any one have a case they like? I kind of want wood grain on my case. But I am open.

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    Default Re: Best Case for Nexus 5?

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    Default Re: Best Case for Nexus 5?

    The "best case" is none at all of course.
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    Default Re: Best Case for Nexus 5?

    Spigen makes some good looking cases for the Nexus 5. I think best is based on personal needs and preference.

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    Default Re: Best Case for Nexus 5?

    Saran wrap.

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    The Poetic Strapback case really makes the device look classy. I just want to pick it up and play with it whenever I see it on the table.
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    Default Re: Best Case for Nexus 5?

    No case at all

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