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    Default Gallery - what location photos loaded from

    When i go onto the gallery app on my N5 it shows pictures that taken using the camera, downloaded photos, album art and icons used for games etc.. I was wondering if there was a way to select where the photos are being loaded from (location)? Id asume if i deleted all the pictures linked to games then the games wouldnt work properly. It would be nice if the gallery could just show my photos taken on my camera and not load every picture (jpeg etc..) stored on the phone.
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    Default Re: Gallery - what location photos loaded from

    The newest Google+ on KitKat has a new app called Photos.
    It looks to me like it will replace Gallery.
    Try it...I like it.

    It has a Camera tab ... camera photos only.
    Touch the Photos Icon (upper left corner) and you get nice options.
    I use Picasaweb (Google+) to store my photo albums on the great with Photos Albums.

    App can be used to turn off auto backup.

    Putting photos in folders helps organize and gives a more friendly display.
    I created a folder in my SDCard area for photo backup...called My Photo Backup.
    That folder shows up in Photos under an icon called the start of the Camera photos list.
    All your onboard folders (albums) show up there.
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    Default Re: Gallery - what location photos loaded from

    Yes, the Photos app is great if you want to only tab to photos take end with the camera. Otherwise, consider a replacement, such as quickpic, which has a lot of settings and may do exactly what you are wanting.

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