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    Default Activating on ATT

    Im new to the android side of things. Whats the easiest way to activate the N5 on ATT. I currently have a LTE phone.

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere else already. Thanks!
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    Default Re: Activating on ATT

    1. Power down both your current phone and your new Nexus 5.
    2. Remove the SIM card from your current phone and insert it in your new Nexus 5.
    3. Power up the Nexus 5, and enjoy!

    If you're simply swapping phones, this is what to do. For the most part you don't activate phones if you already have an active SIM card.
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    Default Re: Activating on ATT

    The above should do it just fine. There shouldn't be a reason why you need to contact AT&T if you currently have service with the company. Just swap SIMs and you'll be set. If you don't have service then you'll need an account with a SIM card from AT&T to insert in the Nexus 5.
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    Default Re: Activating on ATT

    thats whaat i did. had the google edition s4 on att, swapped in the sim, worked right away
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    Default Re: Activating on ATT

    Thanks everyone!

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