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    Default Built-in Keyboards

    Hi all,

    I'm very new to Android and I might have a stupid question.
    My Nexus 5 has 4 keyboards under settings->keyboard & input settings.
    As I don't know Hindi, Korean or Chinese, I want to remove these and instead add the Hebrew keyboard.
    I can't seem to find a way to do that.

    I know my phone has an Hebrew keyboard, because if I change the phone language to Hebrew, the default keyboard is Hebrew.
    But I want the display language to be English, but still have the internal Hebrew keyboard (without installing 3rd party software).

    How can I do that?

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    Default Re: Built-in Keyboards

    Found the solution...
    I had to long press the '/' key in the keyboard, select Google Keyboard Settings, choose Input Languages and disable Use System Language...
    Not so user friendly, but at least it is working!
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    Default Re: Built-in Keyboards

    I would chalk it up to lack of user experience than the fault of the OS not being "user friendly."

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