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    Default Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    My nexus 5 is my 1st smart phone.
    I have resisted having a contract & high costs for a data plan.
    So I opted for Consumer Cellular (AT&T carrier) contract/no fees/no penalties/data&minutes sharing
    So far I am very happy.
    I don't need a lot of minutes and I can customize (change plan at will) for the needed data MB.
    I wanted the on-the-go internet and navigation.
    I have 200 minutes / 1000 messages / 100MB / 2nd line sharing - for $35 monthly (AT&T coverage)

    CC has a great app to manage your plan...with alerts.
    Onavo app adds more info regarding data usage.
    Power Toggles app gives me great control over my phone power settings.
    I can turn ON data usage only when needed.

    I have learned how to set controls to minimize my data usage when On-The-Go:
    > Google Play - auto update ONLY when connected to Wi-Fi
    > Auto Sync - OFF if not needed OTG.
    > Bluetooth - OFF if not needed OTG
    > Settings/Location - set to Battery Savings mode
    > Roaming - turn OFF data while roaming
    > Google Now - OFF if not needed OTG
    > Use navigation via Google Maps or
    > Use Navfree USA app for navigation (GPS only)- no data link required - OTG
    > Google Maps - use Offline caching - store map using Wi-Fi
    > Downloads - do not download music, videos etc while on cell connection
    > Manual Logoff - logoff apps which use data (eg Facebook)
    > Monitor Usage - go to Settings/Data Usage & look for apps using lots of MB > investigate
    > Restrict Background Usage - Settings/Data Usage - select app using high MB - turn off Background Usage (eg email)
    > Chrome Browser - Settings/Bandwidth Management/Preload Webpages - set to "Only on Wi-Fi"
    > Photos app - Turn off Auto Backup of photos

    Found good info here:

    Very happy so far - LOVE the Nexus 5.

    Additional suggestions appreciated!
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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    I have changed over to the Chrome Beta browser...from standard Chrome.
    My Data Usage stats are dramtically lower!
    Looks like this will be a HUGE aid in reducing Data Usage vs current Chrome.
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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    you should consider Straight Talk. Consumer Cellular looks like an evil company focused on taking advantage of less tech savvy old people.
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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    Your info may be a little outdated.
    I have been happy with their service and plan features.
    They were quite helpful when I was probably one of their first customers with a user owned Nexus5.
    Also they now offer Iphone 5s as part of their phone selection.
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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    their pricing is awful. poor value.
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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    They target senior citizens and low-income demographics. I have not really heard good things and probably wouldn't consider them.

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    Default Re: Limited Data Plan - Consumer Cellular

    T-Mobile offers a much better plan at the same price. Unlimited text, 5GB data, and 100 minutes.

    If you want to stick with what you have I had an app downloaded on my SII that watched my data usage and could throttle my data when I got close to my limit. Don't remember what it was because I never got close to my data cap as AT&T HSPA+ network blows so I removed it awhile back. If I remember I'll let you know.

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