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    I noticed that when I am on a call my 4 g won't connect. In my iPhone it was Always on. I remember something cool that I like was. When I was connected to my go pro on wifi is like the phone new it wasn't a real Internet connection so it keeps the 4G on. Is it my nexus 5 all that is normal on Android devices?

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    I noticed that to. I have a feeling it's LG's way of doing things. My S3 was able to connect to 4g and call people at the same time.

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    This is a limitation of how cell technology works right now. LTE is not compatible with voice on all carriers and the CDMA ones cannot do voice and any data unless the phone has two radio chips - which the N5 lacks. Therefore the phone is designed to simply drop off LTE and go back to the next fastest signal whether that is 3G or HSPA+ when the dialer initiates a call or the chip sees an incoming call. You saw 4G on the S3 because HSPA+ is compatible with voice on GSM and the Galaxy line says 4G for HSPA+ and 4G LTE for LTE.

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    My Nexus 5 on T-Mobile is still able to connect to HSPA+ while on a call. It doesn't happen with every call...probably it has something to do with signal strength, but it's functioning as expected with any other GSM phone.

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