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    Default Good N5 wallpaper resource?


    Apologies for the basic question but I was wondering if someone could post me to some useful wallpaper resources for my new N5. The screenshots thread is good for some inspiration but when I search online for wallpapers most of the sites are junk or the images don't seem properly formatted to the best resolution for the N5. I have seen and tried a couple of apps that are OK but I would rather not have unecsessary apps and files on my phone, just one or two nice images in the gallery.

    If it matters I mostly like minimalist wallpapers and the odd vector, tiltshift or cityscape type images...not so much with the cats and the sports teams

    Again sorry for the basic question but I have tried to search with no thought someone of a similar mind might be able to signpost.

    Maybe we could have a nice wallpaper sharing thread here beside the screenshot thread?


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    Default Re: Good N5 wallpaper resource?

    Try the app Zedge from the Play store.
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    Hi, check here

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