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    Default Sleep Mode/Slideshow

    Hello Everyone: My question concerns Display/Sleep mode on the Nexus 5. When I view a Slideshow in Google+, it will go into Sleep mode after the designated time of inactivity, even though the slideshow is still in progress. Is this normal behavior? It seems to me that as long as the Google+ Slideshow is displaying, that should constitute activity and Sleep mode should not be invoked. If I use the Gallery app, Sleep mode is not triggered and the slideshow continues. Is there some other setting to control this?

    Cheers. . .
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    Default Re: Sleep Mode/Slideshow

    Touching your screen is what constitute activity on your phone. Go to setting and change your display time out for when you go into sleep mode.
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    Default Re: Sleep Mode/Slideshow

    Hi Shilohcane: Thanks for your comments. I am happy with the display/time out setting in general and would prefer not to extend it just to accommodate the Google+ Slideshow. When I am watching other things (e.g. a Youtube video or a Slideshow in the Gallery app), it is not necessary to touch the screen to prevent Sleep mode.

    Thanks. . .

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