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    So....I've been a happy user of Textra on the Nexus 5 since the day I got my phone about a month ago. Starting last night, one of my apps started warning me that it was hogging resources. Thought that maybe the app was just being over sensitive or that it just reported the resource hogging because I had sent a MMS just a few minutes before that. Like normal, I charged my phone up to 100% before going to bed. Prior to last night, my phone had never lost more than 5% while I sleep 6-10 hours. Today though, I wake up to see I have just over 60% charge and the culprit is....TEXTRA (which had only been used for ONE incoming message while I was sleeping). According to the system settings, Textra ate up 57% of that battery loss with a CPU total of 56m 34s. Freakin' ridiculous. Hoping to find a solution for this ASAP but I may just reinstall here before heading to work.
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    Reinstall/uninstall sounds like the best first step here. I use Textra as well and had no issues with battery drain last night...went to bed with 83% battery, woke up with 79%.
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    Yeah, that's what I ended up doing. Will report back here after work to let you guys know if that did the trick.
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    Default Re: Textra Issue

    Was there a recent update to the App? Kind of odd that this issue started after going so long without problems. Let us know if the problem seems to have been fixed with the uninstall/reinstall.

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    I have version 1.59 and over 14.5 hours it has used only 0.1% battery.

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    Did you try doing a reboot before uninstall/reinstall? Usually that fixes things like this.
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    Funny you should mention this i downloaded textra on my note 2 and with the phone on charge overnight I lost 15 percent battery deleted textra and battery was as normal

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    Sorry for the late reply but yes, some combination of uninstall/reinstall and reboot killed this problem. Though last night while sleeping, system services (not Textra) killed over 50% of my fully charged battery.

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