03-04-2017 06:24 PM
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  1. Lisa Schindler's Avatar
    Tried it and didn't work. Had to sign into samsung, etc. A pain in the ****.
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    10-02-2015 02:39 PM
  2. haneyman's Avatar
    Confirmed, you cannot have Outlook sync contacts and expect Google contacts to sync. As soon as I unlinked the Outlook account on my phone, the Google contacts appeared.
    10-13-2015 04:32 PM
  3. karennotageek's Avatar
    Hi. I was having a problem with my computer data sync-ing to my phone but my phone data not sync-ing to my computer. I use google for both. Don't use a third party contact manager. I have a Samsung S5. Very frustrating. I just tried something that seems to have fixed the problem. Went under SETTINGS, hit ACCOUNTS, then hit GOOGLE, then hit "Personal Info & Privacy" and then "Activity Controls" and then "Device Information" and made sure it was set to "on". (It had been on "off" or "pause".) Now my phone seems to be updating my google account when I make changes to it. What is weird is that this has nothing to do with a "synch" feature and my husband spent over an hour a month ago messing around with "synch" buttons and whatnot and it did not fix the problem.
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    12-26-2015 11:24 AM
  4. sanjayonnet's Avatar
    Normally if syncing is enabled and working then all your contact being made in google a/c automatically get sync. However, if you create contact in Device then at time it may not sync with google. So, try following --

    Open CONTACTS, open the menu and choose MOVE DEVICE CONTACT TO option, now in pop up list select GOOGLE, and then specify the google account .. and its done!

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    04-30-2016 05:33 AM
  5. andrasfuchs's Avatar
    Contact option was not listed in Android's (v.6.0.1, Marshmallow) Settings / Accounts / Google sync menu.

    The problem was that the Contacts Sync application had no access right to my contacts.

    To fix this, I switched the Settings / Apps / Gear icon / App permissions / Contacts / Google Contacts Sync toggle.

    After that it started to sync, but I got the same 'Sync is currently experiencing problems'.

    It turned out that I exceeded the Google API call limit for the day, so after 24 hours it synced successfully.

    To figure out what the problem exactly was I connected my phone through USB to my PC, enabled debugging on the phone, used the `adb logcat` command from the Android SDK and examined the errors/exceptions in that log. This way you can get to the bottom of your issue as well.
    06-27-2016 05:18 AM
  6. Holly Louise's Avatar
    Doesn't work.
    08-10-2016 11:05 AM
  7. Holly Louise's Avatar
    Unfortunately, since your post the menus have changed and that option isn't there.
    08-10-2016 11:16 AM
  8. Ryan Christian1's Avatar
    Hi all,

    I had been having issues getting ALL my contacts to sync. ie. I have 8090 contacts but only about 4400 would sync.

    I turned off all syncs besides contacts and switch over to wifi, reran the sync and after some time, all the contacts were visible.

    I did this a couple times, but the instance where it work, I specifically switch to Wifi and it worked.

    On a side note, I have had more problems with my Android device in the last 6 months then in the last 10 years of using an Android device. I am nearly being forced to the dark side of the iphone universe but would hate that so much that I am willing to suffer through this super buggy 6.0 in hope the Google will make it right. Is anyone out there? Can anyone talk me off the ledge more that I have already done myself?
    08-24-2016 05:14 PM
  9. farmeunit's Avatar
    I install Cyanogenmod 13.0 night from 09102016 and OpenGAPPS and couldn't find Google Contacts Sync anywhere. I had to install the APK manually, then followed andrasfuchs instructions and it was there. It still doesn't appear to be syncing though. Samsung S5 here.

    I have tried clearing cache, delete storage, it was a clean wipe, etc..

    I have similar issue when I first flashed to 13.0, but cant' remember what fixed it. It's still not working at this point, though.
    09-10-2016 10:27 AM
  10. alorlando's Avatar
    I had the same problem, I was syncing my Gmail. However, some contacts were Gmail, some Verizon cloud. What I was instructed to do was export all my contacts to external storage or my SD card, and then import them back. When I imported them back it asked where to import them and I picked my Gmail account. I then synced my Gmail account and they are all there!!
    09-20-2016 01:20 PM
  11. Cnave1215's Avatar
    Sync is currently exsperincing problems it will be back shortly is the error message I get when it comes to my contacts only every thing else is synching. Help please!
    01-12-2017 03:39 AM
  12. Jon battle1's Avatar
    Yesterday, I added a contact to my People app on my Nexus 5. According to the settings for that app, Auto-sync is on and includes my Google account. The phone claims that Contacts has been synced for my Google account. Yet, sitting here at my computer and looking at Redirecting..., that contact is not present. Is there something else I'm supposed to do to get these things to sync? Does syncing only work down and not up?

    EDIT: I just checked my contacts on outlook.com (which I also have set to sync with the phone's People app), and the contact IS there. My Google phone is syncing better with Microsoft than with Google, itself?
    I have an alcatel onetouch from metropcs, i found how to do it, the problem what i realize is it was trying to backup google account contacts only on the phone. I fixed it using these steps,

    Go to: people -> go to setting by hitting the right most button -> Import/expoort -> select phone -> click at top select all contacts -> OK.

    after i did that the backup settings sync all contacts stored on my phone by default.
    03-04-2017 06:24 PM
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