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    Default Does this ever happen to you?

    On occasion, when I'm using my phone and I get updates for apps that I have in separate folders. Folders for different apps... Category's, etc. They just disappear after updates. Which requires you to manually put them back in those folders. It's not a hassle, I don't mind it. Just wanted to know if it happens to anyone else beside me.

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    Default Re: Does this ever happen to you?

    App shortcuts can disappear from your homescreen (or from a folder on your homescreen) after an update. I'm not sure what exactly triggers it, but I've seen it happen after a particularly major app update.
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    Default Re: Does this ever happen to you?

    Minor updates like bug fixes don't remove the apps.

    When there is a "major" update to an app it will remove it.. By major I mean permission change. That is when this will happen.

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    Default Re: Does this ever happen to you?

    Sometimes an app update will change the name or location of the launch file it points to. That won't be obvious in your app drawer because the new icon is pointing to the new file. However, when you create shortcuts (either in folders on your home screen or just on your home screen) you are creating copies which may not get updated because the update does not know they exist.

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