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    Default Is linking social media to a contact possible on Nexus 5?

    Hi all.

    I've finally taken the plunge and upgraded to my very first android device. I can't even get over the jump in performance over my Nokia Lumia, and not to mention the apps

    My only query is though, on my Nokia I could link social profiles to saved contacts, so if I had someone as a friend on facebook or twitter I could link that to the saved mobile number contact. It would then draw information such as recent updates, or what I liked most, their profile picture would be added to the contact in my phone book.

    Is something similar possible on the Nexus 5 by any chance?
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    Default Re: Is linking social media to a contact possible on Nexus 5?

    There are multiple apps to do this for you. I've used Ubersync (Facebook Only) and Contacts+ (Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn). Contacts+ is a little much just for contact sync as it also has a built-in dialer app and messaging app, but it works fairly well. There are others, some free some paid. The 2 I mentioned are free, but the best thing is to just start checking out the Play Store.
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