In December, I accidentally slammed a car door on my beloved Nexus 4 and was lucky enough to replace it with a shiny new Nexus 5. The transition to the new phone was smooth, as anticipated, and I've been enjoying my N5.

Now my boss has me selling old computer crap that no one wants on eBay and I've run into a problem. I took pictures of the items with my N5 and went to download them from the Auto Backup so I could create the listings on a desktop.

But my Google+ Auto Backup pictures stop in December, showing only pictures from my N4.

I'm running stock Android 4.4.2 and using Camera Zoom as my photo app (photos show up in the Photo app just fine). I have Auto Backup turned on and it tells me the backup is up to date. If I sign out of the Photos app, sign back in, turn Auto Backup back on and tell it to "update all", it says "uploading 96 of 97 photos". Then nothing is uploaded.

I have it set to upload on cellular data and as far as I can tell, nothing is preventing the upload, except that Auto Backup thinks nothing needs to be uploaded. It's almost like the photos are being backed up somewhere that I just can't find. I'm only using one Google account on this phone, so I have no idea where they'd be besides my Google+ account.

Any suggestions?