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    Default Where is my movie ?

    I downloaded a purchased movie from Google Play to my N5 (unrooted) for offline viewing.
    It can be only played back with the stock "Google Play Movies & TV" app. I want to play it
    with other player app. I used file manager to search the storage but found nothing. Any one
    knows where (which folder) is the downloaded movie stored in my N5?

    Please help ! Thank you and have a nice day !

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    Default Re: Where is my movie ?

    Look in the DCIM folder then 100ANDRO
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    Default Re: Where is my movie ?

    Sorry nothing there!

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    Default Re: Where is my movie ?

    Just curious... Why do you want to play it in another player?
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    Default Re: Where is my movie ?

    Also for curiosity, to see the differences in different setups.

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    Default Re: Where is my movie ?

    AFAIK, there is DRM on it. Even if you could find it, you wouldn't be able to play it.

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